Holiday in France in the beautiful Languedoc region!

French arket stall in St-Laurent-le-Minier, near Montpellier, France Waterfall and swimming on holiday in St-Laurent-le-Minier, near Montpellier, France St-Laurent-le-Minier village street, near Ganges, in the Cevennes valley of the Languedoc region of France


St Laurent is a typical Languedoc village; proud of its culture, it has its own tradition of fetes, including the “Kermesse de L’Amitie”, with its Pelardon (goat’s cheese), Merguez (spicy sausages), and a boules competition.

The main square’s ancient pollarded plane trees provide shelter from the sun to its café/bar customers.


Welcome to St Laurent

St-Laurent-le-Minier is a small village of about 500 inhabitants, ten minutes by road from the nearest town, Ganges, and about an hour from Montpellier and its international airport, Frejorgues. It flanks the Crenze, a tributary of the river Vis, which itself passes about 500 yards from the village.

The Vis is a swift running trout river which, having no towns upstream, and running underground for many miles, is one of the cleanest in France; the pools below its waterfalls (one of which is 8 minute's walk from the house) are perfect for bathing. Two miles downstream the Vis joins the Herault, the river which gives its name to the district, which is also an excellent river for bathing, fishing and canoeing.

The village is situated in a valley in the foothills of the Cevennes, which is a National Park; it dates back several hundred years, and grew up around the silver and lead mines discovered in the area. It is also right in the centre of the old silk industry; all the farmers used to cultivate silk worms on their mulberry trees, to provide the now defunct factories in Ganges just down the road. It's said that Queen Victoria used to buy silk stockings made in Ganges.

The village has Catholic and Protestant churches, two bars, two restaurants, a village store that also bakes bread, a post office, and a junior school.

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